When sound becomes passion

Pona Sound philosophy


“Pure” stands for the purity of sound that Pona Sound strives to achieve. With our technology, the sound you hear is real, intense, and flawless.


Our technology is entirely innovative. “Original” means not only something modern and unique but also something primal and undistorted.


“Natural” is the ultimate goal of Pona Sound. In the age of perpetual interference in what’s original and pure, we should strive to reproduce the sounds that are actually recorded.


“Audio,” i.e. an audio signal in the form of an acoustic wave audible to a human ear. In Latin, “audio” means “I hear.”

This motto guides us in everything that we do. With Pona Sound, you can experience music and sound in an entirely new dimension. We follow the truth, changing the way the audio system is controlled, so that the output sound is deeper, more dynamic, and more natural. Our solution is not a subjective but an objective modification stemming from the laws of physics. Hear what has never been heard before.

Our core values:

Members of the Pona Sound Team include people with passion, experience, and music in their hearts. Over the years, we have managed to cultivate a set of core values that guide our work. Our pursuit of continuous improvement and growth energizes us to keep on building a new philosophy of sound.

Truth new sound is absolute and objective
Uniqueness patent-protected technology with a wide range of applications
Innovation the outside-the-box approach that improves the audio signal processing, not the loudspeaker
Commitment mutual support and experience bring us closer to our goals

A brief history of PONA

Our story began when the world concluded there was nothing more to discover about sound. At the same time, we have now come to a point where there have never been more sound adjustment solutions available, loudspeaker parameters have never been stronger, and the sound quality of music recordings have never been better.

With all this, to our surprise, it turned out that there is more to sound than ‘meets the ear’. We can do more and better, with more fidelity and naturalness! How's that possible? We have discovered a distortion that turns out to be a malady for everyone who works with sound but has not been identified or described before. By eliminating this distortion and with all these great tools at your disposal, you enter a new, wonderful realm of impeccable sound quality!

Engineer Jerzy Pona is one of the founders of PONA Sound (Pure Original Natural Audio). It was his surname that inspired the name of our technology. Our discovery allows you to get rid of the distortion occurring in the audio signal processing. What the audience gets is a full spectrum of sound similar to what they would hear, for example, during a live concert.

In 2015, we decided that this was the right moment to found YAYUMA and patent our discovery. Since then, we have been constantly working on implementing the technology into everyday life and on protecting it patent-wise. In 2020, we managed to obtain a patent in Russia and the United States. Other landmark events were patents in China and Macau. There’s no stopping us now, we keep on going!

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