Igo & Natalia Szroeder – Przetańczyć chcę z Tobą całą noc (I want to dance with you all the night)

Igo & Natalia Szroeder

July 18, 2022

Another extraordinary song signed with the Igo brand, this time in the excellent company of Natali Szroeder and Jabłonek. “I want to dance with you all night” is an interpretation of a song well known from the repertoire of Anna Jantar. At the beginning, the delicate, slightly oneiric atmosphere may surprise someone who is used to Anna Jantar’s hit, but the song at the same time attracts the audience with its magnetism, introducing the listener to a new, intriguing layer of this story. An excellent music video makes surprising sense, together creating an interesting story. Of course, music made with PONA sound! We highly recommend it!