Piotr Schmidt and the new album! Unknown songs by Komeda in the PONA standard!

Piotr Schmidt International Sextet "Komeda Unknown 1967"

July 09, 2022

It is an event on a global scale. After many years, previously unknown works by the world-famous Polish composer Krzysztof Komeda were published.

The combination of excellent compositions, brilliant musicians, great recording studio and PONA sound technology gives everyone a powerful feast full of emotions and experiences. From the very first note that opens the album, we are introduced to the atmosphere and world of Komeda. The album is not only an attempt to recreate the atmosphere of the work of this outstanding composer, written in thick letters in the history of Polish music. On the contrary, on this album there is a synergy, the connection of two worlds – the composer and musicians interpreting these compositions, and in particular Piotr Schmidt, an outstanding Polish trumpeter who expanded and arranged these pieces. And it is beautiful, because you can hear this interaction, in our opinion you can even see how the musicians enter Komeda’s sound space, at the same time bringing their individual characters into it, and in such a wonderful way that thanks to them it is an extended and extremely enriched space. Thanks to this, this world is still alive and becomes more beautiful. It is fascinating that Komeda’s work in 1967 seemed to be lost, yet it is still alive and growing thanks to the Piotr Schmidt International Sextet.

A fascinating album, we sincerely recommend i