Frenchman “JEDNO”

April 19, 2023

Frenchman  “JEDNO”

PONA sound mastering


It is with great pleasure that we present Frenchman’s latest song “Jedno”. Produced by K-JAH sound, the track is a great composition in the reggae style. Very positive vibes and pulse, led by Frenchman’s very original and charismatic vocals. This song will brighten even the cloudiest day – it’s just great to listen to!

The song came to us after mastering. All production and mastering were at a very high level, so it was even more fun for us to do the remastering using PONA sound technology.

Remastering was done by Jarek Pielgrzym in YAYUMA studio, and you can listen to the overall effect on YT.



We wish you a lot of listening pleasure!