What we do?

We provide access to the Pona Sound technology in various forms, so you just need to choose a service tailored to your industry needs and challenges and to your expectations.


This is the final stage of music production. Its purpose is making the sound of the entire music album coherent, and fine-tuning the final form of a single recording or multiple songs. Using PONA sound in mastering should be of particular interest to sound engineer.


Remastering is the repeated process of music mastering. As a rule, remastering is performed when new technology becomes available, so that the quality of old recordings can be adjusted to current trends. We offer the PONA-based remastering service to recording studios and music labels. With the improved sound quality, they can resume selling the previously released albums.


The PONA sound technology can be used in any audio player, regardless of its price range. This guarantees better quality of the soundtracks played, which elevates consumer experience.


Audio streaming platforms can improve the quality of their content by implementing the PONA sound plug-in that allows the audience to hear the full spectrum of sound. The offer is addressed to both music-only and film platforms.

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